When deciding which invitation may work best for you and your firm, generally the more affluent the prospect is, the higher the quality the invitation should be to insure a high response. The Wedding Style, usually considered the upper tier in seminar invitations is a great way to give your seminar marketing a more elegant feel. Using higher quality invites such as a wedding style generally warrant a greater response among higher net worth clientele.





A self mailer is a great way to get a large message to your target market without any of the message being hidden by an envelope. It is a thick piece of paper folded in half with a special adhesive to prevent un-doing in the mail stream. This product gives plenty of room to get a well designed message to your prospects in a more cost effective fashion.





Standing the test of time the notorious postcard mailer is still one of the most effective ways to reach a large number of people for less money. We typically mail three different sizes as they warrant enough space to get a strong worded message across. This is a great product not only for seminars but for tax preparation advertisements as well.

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